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Grown Up Gender Reveal Party: Guy or Girl? By [email protected]  in Gender Reveal


Party Recap

We eliminated pastel colors and dessert bars and instead served "man food" and "chic food". Guests could cast their vote for what gender they thought it was, while at the same time being entered in a raffle to win a movie ticket package. They could also offer name suggestions. For more details and to see more of my events, please visit:


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  • Funniest Moment

    Shortly after the party started, I realized we had a rather major problem. You see, I had two different ultrasounds. One with my regular OBGYN, in which the baby was extremely uncooperative. Like curled up in a ball and refusing to move uncooperative. My doctor said he was 95% was sure on the gender, wrote it down, stuck it in a sealed envelope, and handed it my husband who locked it in our safe because he was afraid I would look and ruin the party. I also have a friend who is an ultrasound tech and offered to do an ultrasound. Having extreme Mom Brain (if there was any brain in there at all), I didn’t take my doctors results with me to my second ultrasound. And when my friend arrived at the party to set up the reveal, we discovered they had conflicting opinions on the gender. Ooops! Well, my doctor had a picture, so for the big reveal we went with his result–a boy. But to find out for sure, a couple days later I went for another ultrasound with my friend and found out she had been right–it was actually a girl (and this has since been confirmed by subsequent ultrasounds). Fortunately, we took a “girl” photo as well as a “boy” photo. =) And then we sent an email to everyone at the party to let them know, “Just kidding! It’s actually a girl!”


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