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Graham's Backyard Camping Party

Meredith E By Meredith E  in Birthday


Party Recap

We hosted our first "all boy" birthday party for our son's seventh birthday. There were ten little boys ages 4-10.

We started the night with hot dogs, chips and cupcakes. Then moved on to camp games and swimming. We ended the night with smores over the fire and present opening. I think the boys finally fell asleep in the tent a little after midnight!

The next morning we had a "donut bar" with assorted donuts and chocolate milk and orange juice. The boys played outside some more and then came in to watch a movie and wait for parents to pick them up.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    homemade milk chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge icing and graham cracker crumb sprinkles

  • Activities / Games

    camp games: "people to people"--boys were paired and had to match body parts as they were called out. eg-"nose to toes" Human KNot game--boys stood in circle and randomly grabbed hands, then had to untie the "knot" without letting go of the hands Swimming

  • What People Ate

    camping fare: roasted hot dogs, chips, fruit, smores

  • What People Drank

    Old fashioned soda in glass bottles



  • Jillian L

    Jillian L wrote:

    What an awesome party!! I can't wait to show it off!

  • Meredith E

    Meredith E wrote:

    Thanks a lot Jillian! This was a fun (and HOT) party! I didn't get around to some planned things due to being unexpectedly out of town until the day before the party, but I am happy with how it turned out. Most importantly, my son loved it! :)

  • Melissa N

    Melissa N wrote:

    love your outdoor elements here

  • Melissa N

    Melissa N wrote:

    soo cute!

  • Melissa N

    Melissa N wrote:


  • Amy N

    Amy N wrote:

    Love it Meredith! Another amazing party!

  • Meredith E

    Meredith E wrote:

    Thanks so much Amy! :)

  • Stefani K

    Stefani K wrote:

    What a GREAT party!!!!

  • Novelyn A

    Novelyn A wrote:

    There are too many details to comment on. What a great job. ;-)

  • Adriana Y

    Adriana Y wrote:


  • no photo

    Jennifer M wrote:

    Love this idea. Where did u get them from. ?