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GOONIES Birthday Party: Dane Loves Sloth

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Party Recap

When my 4 year old originally told me he wanted to have a GOONIES party, I have to admit, I spent a couple of weeks trying to convince him that maybe he wanted a different party theme…one that was a little easier to plan perhaps – LOL! He wasn't havin' it...sometimes I forget that I have a SUPREMELY opinionated little dude on my hands. He had his mind made-up and luckily I figured out a way to make it work!

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Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    To honor our favorite character from the movie, SLOTH, I made several ROCKY ROAD-inspired desserts! I whipped-up some Rocky Road Cupcakes...Chocolate Cupcakes, topped with chocolate syrup, mini-marshmallows and finished with a mound of marshmallow buttercream frosting, crushed walnuts and MORE chocolate syrup...these things are INSANELY delicious!!! I dipped giant marshmallows in chocolate and rolled them in walnuts, and also made some Rocky Road cupcake shooters.

  • What People Drank

    Another fun movie reference, I wanted to serve a drink that looked like the grody-water Mama Fratelli serves to the boys in the Lighthouse Diner. I made an Apple Juice/White Grape Juice combination and put it in our big beverage dispenser. Next to it, I put a framed printable with a quote from that scene in the movie…very funny...and very convincing!

  • Desserts

    I have to say, out of ALL the desserts…the Cake Pops STOLE the show! Dane had requested some skeleton pops and…SLOTH Cake Pops! I like that he has that much FAITH in my Cake Poppin' skills. I figured Sloth was already lumpy to start with, so they were worth a shot – LOL! They turned out hilariously cute…I was literally laughing out-loud as I was making them.

  • Party Favors

    The favor station included lots of FUN goodies including Ring Pops, Rock Candy, Skull rings, necklaces, jewels, golden coin candy, candied cornfetti, eye patches and Pinchers of POWER, to name a few. {You say Pinchers of Peril...I say Pinchers of Power....let the debate begin!} I put out paper bags and skeleton stickers so the kids could decorate their own goody-sacks to fill-up!

  • Activities / Games

    One activity the kids really enjoyed was digging for buried treasure in our backyard. We buried a bunch of seashells and colored gems in our sandbox and the kids dug away! They put their buried treasure in some SUPER cute, hand-stamped canvas bags from Thunderpeep Designs to take home.

  • Best Moment

    When I started planning the GOONIES party Dane asked me if we could invite Sloth! I immediately got online, found a Sloth mask, Superman Shirt, red suspenders and made the purchase. The next day, Dane informed me that maybe he shouldn’t come to the party because, “Sloth kinda freaks me out sometimes Mom!” LOL! I told him it was rude to uninvite people, but if he was scared when Sloth got to the party, he didn’t have to see him. Well…Sloth arrived…Baby Ruth Bars in-hand…and most of the kids were willing to go up to him since he was giving out full-size candy bars. Dane hid in his playhouse and told Sloth he could just toss one up to him…SO funny!


Party Helpers

  • Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats

    Party Planner

    I love having a "job" that allows me to take fun party ideas and just RUN with them ;) Creating special memories via party planning has become a TRUE passion for me...and luckily my kiddos are young enough to still let me do it!

    I created ALL of the desserts for this party, styled the event and took the photos. Seeing the ridiculous amount of JOY it brought to my son...TOTALLY worth the work...beyond worth it actually ;)

  • Squared Party Printables


    Squared Party Printables created a GOONIES themed party package for me. The printables really gave the party a cohesive feel! I wanted to incorporate several quotes from the movie in the printables. They looked great framed throughout the party and Dane said he wants to use them as decorations in his room now too! I used the 2” cupcake toppers on SO many things…cupcakes (of course), Cake Pops, Cupcake Shooters, favor bags and several other treats!



  • Jamie M

    Jamie M wrote:

    Amazing party!! I'm mid-thirties and just told my husband that I want this party!!

  • Audrey N

    Audrey N wrote:

    Thank you! Trust me...I can totally relate ;) I think this party was just as much for the adults as the kiddos...since a lot of them haven't even seen the movie yet! It's a classic in our home - lol!

  • Crystal P

    Crystal P wrote:

    I love this sooo much!!! I'm going to be 40 next year and totally want this for my party! absolutely amazing!

  • Samantha A

    Samantha A wrote:

    I love the Goonies! its so creative!