Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    pink popcorn, pink cotton candy, pink rice crispy treats, cupcakes, bellet slippers cake

  • What People Drank

    pink strawberry milk



  • Sweetz Creations  M

    Sweetz Creations M wrote:

    awwwww....so pretty! love it!

  • Christina P

    Christina P wrote:

    Gorgeous! Simply lovely from start to finish! You should be so pleased. Your attention to detail was impeccable. I can't imagine a sweeter party for a little girl. Congrats!

  • ShopPartyTales / Milenna S

    ShopPartyTales / Milenna S wrote:


  • Mariz G

    Mariz G wrote:

    This set up is Simlpy Gorgeous!

  • Mariz G

    Mariz G wrote:

    So neat!

  • Mariz G

    Mariz G wrote:

    Did you make that back drop?

  • Amy O

    Amy O wrote:

    Yes, I did! Thanks so much for your sweet comments!

  • Sheenika W

    Sheenika W wrote:

    Very pretty!

  • Bette M

    Bette M wrote:

    LOVE this soo cute !

  • no photo

    Donna S wrote:

    omg i love the doll do you have a full picture if the doll ?

  • no photo

    Jessica M wrote:

    Backdrop is AMAZING! How did you make the ballerina for it? Please help .I need one for a 1st birthday backdrop. Thank you in advance :)

  • no photo

    Jenny H wrote:

    What color sheets or material did you use for the backdrop? Is it like a rose pink or a burnish lilac? Thank you!

  • no photo

    Jesica G wrote:

    Hello we’re did you get that big ballerina??