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Gist Family Easter Egg Hunt

Bethany G By Bethany G  in Easter


Party Recap

Easter has played a big part of both my and my husband's childhoods. It meant being with family, playing and eating outside and hunting for the ever so sought after Easter Egg. We decidied we wanted to not only share our traditions with our children but with our friends and their children as well. So, for the last few years our family has hosted a large multi-family Easter Egg Hunt at our ranch in California. Each family provides eggs to share and brings a picnic lunch. We, of course, provide a dessert table covered in treats for everyone to enjoy!

Not only do we have an Easter Egg Hunt, we play games together and make Easter crafts. It's a tradition we hope will live on for generations to come!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Everyone brought a picnic lunch and we provided dessert!

  • Desserts

    A dessert table for all ages! Yummy treats like Carrot Cupcakes, "Bunny Tails", Chocolate Eggs, Bunny Cookies and "Bunny Nests".

  • Activities / Games

    Sack Races, Egg Toss and of coarse an Easter Egg Hunt!


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