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Girls Firetruck

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Party Recap

Girl's Firetruck Party

My daughter wanted the firetruck to come for her 4th birthday party! I was challenged with creating a firetruck party that was authentic and traditional but with feminine touches added in the way of flowers and gingham. Also rather than using a birthday cake, we decided to make it more of an ice cream social (which I always associated with the firehouse growing up). The kids made their own ice cream sundaes and the firetruck/firemen came for a visit!

Design Concept

I searched the internet and found these adorable hand-stamped, canvas favor bags from Jennifers Cookies on Etsy . Jen gave me permission to recreate the firetruck as a jpg and design the party around it. Since the party was catering to pre-readers I thought it would be fun to use a pictogram theme which I used throughout the party.

Dessert Table
For the dessert table, I bought a canvas painter's drop cloth from Home Depot to use as a tablecloth. I cut one section off the back to create the large firetruck backdrop (see DIY firetruck backdrop).
I had custom desserts made by various different companies.

The firetruck, ice cream cone and flower cookies were all from my hometown gourmet grocery store, Dorothy Lane Market

The cakepops were from Jens Cake Pops on Etsy

The fondant toppers were from Two Sugar Babies

The flower arrangements were from a local florist.

The large balloons were from Shop Sweet Lulu

I wanted to incorporate the apples to give the party a fall feel. We used them in the flower arrangements and I used them for the firetruck fondant. I also used my Pastry Pedestal to display the apples which I was excited about!

I used the large firetruck backdrop to play the game “pin the siren on the firetruck” I printed multiple sirens on sticker paper and each child had a turn trying to stick it in the correct spot.

Ice Cream Sundae Table
For the ice cream sundae table, most of my décor was from Shop Sweet Lulu and Party City. Each child had a firehat at their place setting. I recreated the local fire department emblem to incorporate the child's name and age. I followed the pictogram theme on the drink cup and ice cream up labels. Each child had 4 sundae toppings to choose from for their sundae with whipped cream, chocolate, caramel and sprinkles in the center of the table to share. If I hadn't forgotten, we would have put candles in the birthday girl's sundae and sang “Happy Birthday!”

The rest of the Party

After the ice cream sundae making, we opened gifts and the firetruck came. (this is a wonderful, free service provided by our local fire station)

The kids toured the firetruck, learning about the different parts, sprayed the firehose, and took a ride...with the birthday girl in the front seat! (parents got to ride too, which was a blast!)

DIY Firetruck backdrop
I blew up the firetruck jpg to a large size. The picture on the computer was blurry, but that's okay. I printed the firetruck in letter size sections on cardstock and taped it all together. Then, I cut the picture out to make a large stencil. I used acrylic paint and sponged the firetruck on to the canvas. My daughter was able to help with this, which she loved. We had an old frame in our garage that the previous homeowners left. I bought some matching latex paint and painted it red. Then I stapled the canvas on to the backside of the frame and propped it on the table for a backdrop!



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    Nur A wrote:

    I love the decor and the simple red/white color combination. I used to think firetruck is a boy theme, but after I saw this party I'm having hard time visualizing it as anything other than a very girly theme. I'm planing a firetruck themed party for my son's third birthday; who is so crazy about firetrucks that he calls himself (and makes us call him) firefighter. I love the personalized helmets. Where did you get them? I searched for free clip art to do it my self, but couldn't find anything simple like yours. Thanks, Nur

  • Wendy O

    Wendy O wrote:

    Hi Nur, Thank you for the nice comments! How fun that you get to do a firetruck party for your son! I sell the firehat labels in my Etsy shop here: I also sell the full printable package here: Thank you! Wendy

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    Lynette C wrote:

    totally adorably unique!!