Party Recap

To celebrate my son's 7th Birthday we had a LEGO party! We played a LEGO Pirate of the Carribean Game and a LEGO Star Wars Game. The kids had a Master Builder contest and BUILT their own pizzas for dinner!



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    Lynda P wrote:

    love your party! Can you tell me how you made the lego brick patterned paper under your cupcakes?

  • Trisha K

    Trisha K wrote:

    Thank you so much! I purchased it at a local scrapbook store!

  • Shelly O

    Shelly O wrote:

    Where did you get so many copies of the Lego Magazine? I am interested in doing this!

  • Trisha K

    Trisha K wrote:

    Shelly, I am a first grade teacher and I signed up on the Lego Education site and they sent me about 50 magazines but I only used 20 for my students.