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Gavin's 7th Birthday

Kristin I By Kristin I  in Birthday


Party Recap

I originally planned the theme to be "Mad Science" but changed my mind when faced with having it at our home.

So it was changed to a Space theme since we live close to a very cool museum.

Paper and Cake had the PERFECT printable party package!

I saw the darling shuttle cakes on the Celebration Shoppe's blog and had to make them! SO easy, just a ding dong, ho-ho, mini reeces cup, hershey's kiss with spree candies as the windows and candy melts as the wings.

The Rocket Cake was a recipe from The Pampered Chef.

I had yards and yards of felt so I made each child a personalized goodie bag.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Astroids (cheeseballs), Saturn's Rings (cheerios), Extraterrestrials (teddy bear cookies), mini shuttle cakes, Rocket Cake

  • What People Drank

    Rocket Fuel (gatorade) and Liquid Hydrogen (water)


Party Helpers

  • Paper and Cake


    What I LOVE about Paper & Cakes' printable packages is that they allow you to customize the file yourself. This is wonderful since you don't always know all of your details at the time of purchase. LOVE them!!



  • Jennifer N

    Jennifer N wrote:

    Super cute!

  • Jennifer N

    Jennifer N wrote:

    What are the UFO'S?

  • no photo

    Tracy D wrote:

    These are wonderful where did you find them?

  • no photo

    Tracy D wrote:

    I love the themed candy!

  • Sallie M

    Sallie M wrote:

    I love those! They are called Satellite Wafers. Flashback to my childhood. Can't find them anywhere except Amazon

  • Sallie M

    Sallie M wrote:

    Love the starbursts & milkways! Hadnt thought of that :)

  • Sharon T

    Sharon T wrote:

    where did you you get the badges from they are just fab