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Game of Thrones Viewing Party

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Party Recap

Game of Thrones! The drama, the secrets, the lies, the betrayal, and the loss of so many favorite characters! I threw a Game of Thrones Season Premiere Viewing Party, but you can do this for any episode and it would be perfect for the season finale! Please see photos for decorations, food and tablescape, making Cersei's wine goblet, making a cake in the shape of Winterfell, and a chest with Daenerys’ Dragon Eggs.

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Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    The menu: -King Robert’s Boar (Baked Ham with Spicy Brown Sugar Glaze) -Joffrey’s Pigeon Pie (Chicken Pot Pie) -Theon’s Favorite Toy (kielbasa) -Sandor’s Roast Chicken -Dothraki Horse Jerky (beef jerky) - Molten Golden Crown Fondue (Beer Cheese Fondue) - Little Fingers Breadsticks (I just used Pillsbury) - Mustard Seed Olives (from Whole Foods) - Fruit Tower: Grapes Pears Mango Papaya Lemons Apples Avocado Plums - Cheese Tray: Wedge of Bleu, Cahill Irish Porter Cheddar, Cranberry Wensleydale Grapes Apple slices Figs Dates - Bread and salt (Guest Right) - Red Wine - Daenerys’ Horse Heart (Jell-O shot in heart mold) Additional Food Suggestions: Sansa’s Lemon Cakes Vary’s Walnuts (whole walnuts in shell)

  • What People Drank

    Lots of wine! Cersei would have been proud.

  • Desserts

    Cake in the shape of Winterfell, including a fondant Godswood Tree.

  • Activities / Games

    Fill your wine goblet, light the candles, and watch the show!


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