Party Recap

Gabby didn't want the name of her little boy released, so we went with Little Man Theme. I asked Gabby what some of her favorite colors were but I chose the theme and color scheme and kept it secret until party day. I chose "not so baby" shower games because those can tend to be a bit cheesy. I wish the guests would have taken the mason jars home!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    I served finger foods and salads. I wanted to maintain the color and party theme so I served bowtie pasta salad with green peas and bacon and cheddar cheese, blueberry and kiwi fruit salad with lime vinagrette, chicken salad sliders, cake balls (instead of a cake), color themed candies, and my favorite: dark chocolate covered mandarin oranges sprinkled with sea salt.

  • What People Drank

    I wanted to be fair to the mom-to-be so the punch was alcohol-free. I served a recipe provided by a friend. Lime koolaid, pineapple juice, frozen lemonade and sugar. (I supplied a shot glass and lemonade vodka on the side for those who wanted to drink). I also served ice-cold water with cucumbers floating in it. That was a hit!

  • Best Moment

    I loved how all the mom-to-be's co-workers hopped up as a group to take their mustach photos together. The photos turned out cute.

  • Funniest Moment

    One of the guest's little girl wanted to participate in the paper dragon game after the participants had already gone. We had to collect all of the used crepe paper so she could play and that little girl was so into it. It was adorable!

  • Desserts

    Oh, the cake balls! I really wanted my chocolate to be lime green because I had blue sprinkles. Chemistry had something else in mind. Note: ANY food coloring will affect the integrity of the chocolate. Even candy food coloring destroyed the chocolate. So last minute, I kept the chocolate white.

  • Party Favors

    I wanted the guests to take home the mason jars that their drinks were served in, but no one really did. I molded mustaches into chocolate lollipop molds and attached a medallion with the party theme title.

  • Activities / Games

    LIke I said, no "baby shower" games per se. We did do the dirty diaper challenge with melted candy bars. Guests enjoyed that. I took photos of famous mustaches on a foam board and had the guests guess who they were. My dad (as a tester) did the best of all! The last game was a Minute to Win It game called Paper Dragon. One member from each team was selected to roll crepe paper from the roll onto their arms using only their arms. It's hilarious and high-energy. People were rolling laughing.

  • Budget

    I'm scared to see how much I spent, but it was probably close $750.


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