Party Recap

Bloomdilly's Parisian Party supplies are the perfect addition to your next French themed party. There are many ways to use our Parisian Party supplies, one party theme that it is perfect for is a French Bakery Party. This party is suited well for any guest ages 9 and up.

First thing to determine for your French Bakery Party is the menu. For the party featured on this blog post, the menu included ratatouille, croque monsieurs, crepes, eclairs, macarons, and palmiers. Children 9-10 years old are usually responsible enough to handle a knife and work around a stove and oven without injury. If your guest of honor isn't comfortable with handling kitchen utenstils, or you the host aren't comfortable with children handling kitchen utensils and cooking with a stove or oven, then you can prep many of the ingredients ahead of time and have the children assemble the dishes for baking.

Next determine if you will be making every menu item from scratch or if you will be buying any of the menu items. For our French Bakery Party, we had the party guests make the ratatouille, croque monsieurs, and crepes. We bought eclairs and palmiers from a local grocer bakery and bought macarons from Le Panier in Seattle. Prior to the guests arriving, all the vegetables for the ratatouille were sliced and prepared, and the guyere cheese for the croque monsieurs was shredded. The party guests assembled and cooked the ratatouille, made the batter for the crepes, toasted the criossants and helped assemble the sandwiches. They had fun in the kitchen following a recipe and they all had jobs to do to be involved in each recipe.

Once the menu is determined and you know what you will be making/baking, determine if any other activities are needed. If you will be having the kids assemble ratatouille for your party, watching one of the last scenes from Disney's Ratatouille where ratatouille is made and served to the food critic is a good choice to either remind or teach the guests what ratatouille is before they make it. During the limited down time during our French Bakery Party, the guests just wanted to run around the backyard together and jump on the trampoline. Do whatever works for you!

Bloomdilly's Parisian Party decorations really make your guests feel like they are in a french bakery celebration! The main staples of the decor are the tissue tassel garland, pennant banner, personalized letter garland and tissue pom pom balls. The Parisian Party Decor Kit was used in the main tassel garland display above the dessert table and personalized Parisian Party Signs were used on the dessert table, on the front door, and the party favor table. The Parisian Party Signs were placed in 8" x 10" tabletop picture frames for fancy display. The buffet labels included in the Parisian Party Decor Kit were used on the dessert table to label all the desserts. These were especially helpful because the party guests were eating treats that weren't familiar to them. Straw flags were used for all the guests to drink their pink lemonade using the Pink Hot/Cold Cups. A White Layered Ruffled Backdrop was hung behind the garland and table to really set the scene and make the dessert table stand out and have a defined area.

The dessert table was draped with 3 different tablecovers: a black plastic tablecover, white lace vinyl tablecover, and a candy pink tablecover. The candy pink tablecover was folded lengthwise into a tablerunner and draped across the center of the table. A metal Eiffel Tower and framed Bon Appetit sign adorns the table to accent the French theme. The table was set with platters, a cake stand, tiered stand, and apothecary jar to serve the desserts. The crepe bar was positioned at the front of the table. Strawberries, blueberries, chocolate spread, and cream cheese filling were used to fill the crepes, each in their own bowl or platter for easy assembly.

Another great staple of this featured French Bakery Party were the chef aprons and hats. The chef aprons and hats were ordered from Amazon.com in a plain white. I made the Bon Appetit image with the Eiffel Tower, printed it onto Avery transfer paper, and applied it to each apron. The guest of honor wore a diamond tiara with marabou on the front of her chef hat. 10 year old boys and girls attended this French Bakery Party and ALL of the guests loved wearing their own chef apron and hat! All the children kept their aprons and hats on the entire time. These chef aprons and hats served as the guests' favors and each guest packed their favor boxes with treats from the dessert table as well. Each favor box had a Parisian Party Personalized Framed Label sticker on it to thank the guests for coming to the party.

Use the FREE Bon Appetit transfer image for your next French Bakery Party!



Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Ratatouille and Croque Monsieurs

  • What People Drank

    Pink Lemonade

  • Desserts

    Crepes, Palmiers, Macarons, Eclairs, Dinner/Butter Mints

  • Party Favors

    Chef hat and apron, and cookies & mints from the dessert table.

  • Activities / Games

    Guests assembled and baked the ratatouille, croque monsieurs, and crepes. Guests watched a few scenes from Disney's Ratatouille to remind/teach them what Ratatouille is before they made it. Guests played tag outside and jumped on the trampoline.


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