Party Recap

Our cousin and Brother were having a baby boy and Keith is a hufe baseball fan so why not have a Co-Ed baby shower and have everybody wear baseball Attire, It turned out amazing.....


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    We served everything you would find at a baseball game

  • Most Touching Moment

    When the new mommy and daddy to be walked in and were over over joyed with emotions

  • Best Dressed


  • Activities / Games

    Since we had so many people we just had a race between the soon to be parents who chould change the baby doll the fastest.



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    Mira F wrote:

    Hi, what an amazing an creative party. I love the stadium lettering and all the signage. What did you use to make the letters for flacks stadium and for the concessions and song cut outs?

  • Savvyshindigsandsoirees

    Savvyshindigsandsoirees wrote:

    Hi Mira, thank you so much For your complements. That red is 12 x 12 card stock, The lettering is just print outs in word and cut to size. The take me out to the ball game signs are painted with Stencils. We made and cut out. We have them to rent if you like. It is a buckets of props baseball theme tub, all of the decor. Not sure where u live.

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    Mira F wrote:

    Really red card stock? I thought it was made from wood and here I was already planning on making a home depot trip! I might be interested in renting some stuff once I determine where the party will be.