Party Recap

The Farmyard Party Table decor…Happy birthday banner, red checked gingham bunting, piggy puffs, cheeky chicks, chicken cake pops and of course the farmyard cake. We used hay bails for tables for the kiddies tables and covered them with fabric. All digital design elements can be printed on a home PC printer and handmade, making it super easy.
Preparing for the party took just under a week of cutting and sewing etc. The Party printables can be bought from SunshineParties on Etsy.
This was fun! We made stuffed eggs to look like chicks, piggy puffs filled with cheese and pesto, chicken cake pops, Farm fresh scones and more.. All went down so well.
Photographs taken by Louise Sanders, all design and decor done by SunshineParties. (https://www.etsy.com/shop/SunshineParties)
Cake done by: Marlise Ross Cakes (www.marliserosscakes.shutterfly.com)


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    For Savoury Snacks we served: Farm fresh Scones, Stuffed Eggs( Cheeky Chicks), Spinach & Feta Puffs, Cheese puffs made to look like pigs ( Piggy Puffs), and a vegetable garden ( Healthy veggies and dip)

  • Desserts

    We had yummy peanut butter Cupcakes, Vanilla Cake pops that looked like chickens, Marshmellow pops, and of course the farm yard cake.

  • Party Favors

    Brown paper bags filled with sweets for the kids ( acted as sweets for the party & Take home goodies)

  • Activities / Games

    Being a 1st Birthday, we had stimulation toys out. We also offered "tractor rides" on his tricycle.

  • Best Moment

    The birthday boy realizing we were singing happy birthday to him and getting all shy...


Party Helpers


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