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Emma's Like, Totally Awesome 80's Birthday

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Party Recap

We like, totally, rocked out with the 80's fun and had a gnarly to the max birthday party! The girls dressed up and had their hair done, complete with these totally 80's colorful hair scrunchies. They looked totally rad and oh so valley girl! Our tables were decorated with splatter painted tablecloths to match the dessert table backdrop, neon painted rockstar trophies, totally awesome 80's dessert plates, tubular guitar cups turned flower vases, and a rad boom box piƱata we made a little more festive to fit the theme. I also added a few coordinating printables created by my talented friend Jen T by Design. She like, totally, got my vision - I fer shure would have shared my Bonne Bell and Aqua Net with her back in the day! We love crafts at Sugar & Spice so we decorated DIY Sunnies and bedazzled guitars, both from Oriental Trading to create some totally awesome party props. After creating their crafts, the girls were ready to sing and dance. I would like to say that they, like totally, rocked out to all 80's music, but alas, Taylor Swift won out and they did a whole lot of Shakin' It Off! Our dessert table was all things pop, rock and NEON - duh! We really wanted to run with the neon colors, and the candy bar also doubled as a party favor for the guests. Pop Rocks, Ring Pops, Rock Candy, popcorn, soda pop, popsicles, and neon poppin' cookies were obvious choices due to their bright colors, and the fact that their names literally scream ROCK/POP (star)! To save on time, and since they like, totally matched the theme, we purchased the pre-decorated cookies from Target. Sadly, like the 80's themselves, the party came to an end. The birthday girl said it was the "best birthday (like) ever", so I would say it was like, you know, a totally awesome success!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Sugar cookies and popsicles

  • What People Drank

    Various colors of soda pop in vintage bottles

  • Desserts

    The rockstars worked up an appetite during their jam sesh, so during their stage break they sat down to nosh on the tasty cookies, soda pop and popsicles.

  • Party Favors

    The girls visited the candy buffet and chose from colorful bags of popcorn, Ring Pops, Rock Candy, and Pop Rocks.

  • Activities / Games

    We decorated DIY Sunnies and bedazzled guitars, both from Oriental Trading to create some totally awesome party props. The girls jammed out and sang karaoke and danced the day away!


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