Emily's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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Party Recap

Emily loves My Little Pony, and horses. One of the ideas behind her party was to make it using each ponies talents as part of each party game or activity. Twilight Sparkle loves books, each child received a coloring book to color, and read. Rarity loves fashion, I created tutus, added jewelry, and fairy wings for the girls. Found chest armor, and swords for the boys, for Rarity's shop. Pinkie Pie of course was all the sweets, ordered the delicious, beautiful cake, and cake pops from Sweet Couture by Daly, the rainbow tablecloth, cake stands, apothecaries, poster, and all the party printables are from Ruffles & Sweets. Rainbow Dash was of course, "flying" lessons! Each child had the chance to take a lesson on Sunrise Equestrian's white magical pony. Fluttershy is all about her pets, and Sunrise Equestrian provided their adorable, and very patient "Angel" the bunny (just like Fluttershy's). Applejack of course provided Apple Cider, and Watermelon Lemonade from Sweet Apple Acres. Pinkie Pie provided another fun activity of pin the cutie mark on her! We also created a very elegant food table, that incorporated the fun Pinkie Pie feeling with the giant lollipops and bright colors. This party was full of little details that went back to the original series, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The kids had a blast with each activity, and Emily will have fond memories of her magical day of ponies. We would like to thank all the vendors that participated in this event, and look forward to working with all of them again.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    We had ham and cheese croissants, wraps, and crunchy pretzels, veggie fries, and potato chips, plus two fresh cranberry salads.

  • What People Drank

    Sweet Apple Acres provided the Watermelon Lemonade and Apple Juice.

  • Desserts

    We had a beautiful cake, cake pops, cotton candy, marshmallows, cookies, chocolates, and red velvet cupcakes.

  • Party Favors

    Each child received a goody bag filled with pencils, color pencils, little journals, and a piñata full of small toys and candies.

  • Activities / Games

    The kids had riding lessons, activity books, pin the cutie mark, dress up, piñata, and music.


Party Helpers



  • Sharri H

    Sharri H wrote:

    Where did you order the background from?

  • Andy M

    Andy M wrote:

    Hi Sharri! I actually made the background.

  • Andy M

    Andy M wrote:

    Did you need help making something like this?

  • Sharon T

    Sharon T wrote:

    Hi where did you purchase the hay bales from?

  • Angela C

    Angela C wrote:

    Love the background!! Do you mind sharing how you made it?

  • Andy M

    Andy M wrote:

    Hi Sharon! We actually sell the mini hay bales in my online store www.rufflesandsweets.com Hi Angela! I am actually a graphic designer, and I use a professional printer to get the size I needed. If you like this background you can purchase it from my online store. Just send me a message via e-mail and I would be more than happy to help you.