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Emily and Tom’s wedding went as planned, with a floral theme throughout their “soft and simple” ceremony and reception at a lovely golf club in central New Jersey. After meeting online, they were never apart after their first date. In October 2017, the couple went through a corn maze, one of their traditions, but this time Tom surprised Emily with a proposal – photographed by Emily’s sister, who was hiding nearby.

Their wedding flower colors were a mixture of lavender, blush, cream and hints of green, and Emily’s family brought some DIY ingenuity to the party, with the bride creating all of the centerpiece arrangements, her sister and maid of honor making table signs, and their mom baking cookies for dessert! “Tom and I recited our own vows,” one of the most meaningful moments of the day, Emily says. “Tom was very emotional but got through it like a champ.” The couple also spent some time alone right after the ceremony, having their meal before joining their guests for cocktail hour. Everyone also enjoyed the music and the food at their reception.

“Have fun with the planning and don’t get stressed,” Emily advises other couples. “Try to plan early, and the rest will fall into place. If you plan to DIY your flowers, make sure you have the supplies you need, as well as the proper space to prepare the blooms.”


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