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Ellee & Vivee's R+R Birthday Party

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Party Recap

Every year the girls enjoy having a joint birthday party! This year we had a lot of quarantine time to plan and create.
The party originally started as a spa party but soon developed into all things that started with a P - pajamas, pampering, and pancakes!
These girls definitely deserved some R+R time after a crazy school year!

The girls picked out pink and white striped satin pajamas for all the girls to wear along with matching spa headbands that I made.
After the girls arrived and donned their matching PJs they were treated to manicures and pedicures with bath bombs!
I personalized pillow cases for each girl with my Cricut that they decorated with fabric markers.
The girls were infatuated with the pancake bar which include funfetti and blueberry mini pancakes, a variety of syrups, and all the sprinkles and chocolate chips to top it off.
We concluded the party with the true sign of relaxation - "cucumber eyes" as they liked to call it!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Mini funfetti and blueberry pancakes with a toppings bar

  • What People Drank

    The kids drank OJ out of champagne flutes while the adults enjoyed true mimosas!

  • Desserts

    A fondant pancake cake

  • Party Favors

    Pink and white satin pajamas, personalized pillow case, and spa headband

  • Activities / Games

    Decorating pillow cases


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