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Easter Dessert Bar Cart

AK Party Studio By AK Party Studio  in Easter


Party Recap

I am sharing a simple and affordable Easter dessert bar cart that is easy to set up whether you are celebrating indoors or outdoors. The great thing about bar carts is there ability to move wherever the party goes!
Flowers bring so much life and personality to any event, whether big or small. I try to make sure I always include some sort of greenery or flowers. I love mixing and matching and creating my own arrangements for what style I am looking for. Grab a couple bouquets from your local grocery store. Arrange into a pretty vase, that you may already have at home, and they will brighten up any space.


Party Highlights

  • What People Drank

    Sweet pink lemonade makes for a refreshing drink, add a little sparking wine for the adults and you have something perfectly delicious.

  • Desserts

    Sometimes I like to do elaborate things and other times I want to keep it simple. When you are short on time, try doctoring up a boxed cake mix. It is super easy and there are so many ways it can be done. I always add Jello to mine and they turn out delicious. They taste a little more homemade, but work really well when in a hurry. Add a few candies to the top of any cupcake, and you have a fun and tasty treat!


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