Party Recap

My hubby introduced the Dragon Ball Z series to his nephew and got him completely hooked. He offered his whole collection which his nephew thoroughly enjoyed. It was no surprise that he insisted on a Dragon Ball Z theme for his 7th birthday. Since he also loves ice cream, we decided to create an ice cream sundae bar. My brother was also a huge fan of the show and happened to still have his old Dragon Ball Z bedding set which was used as the backdrop for the table. We spray painted 7 foam balls and attached red stars to represent the famous Dragon Balls in the show. Goku Super Saiyan food name cards were used to identify each topping. I wrapped custom made character wrappers around blue cups for an added touch. Lastly, a traditional cake served as the centerpiece of the table. The kids had such a blast creating their own sundaes and the birthday boy was thrilled to see his favorite character decorated all over the ice cream bar. As a surprise to the birthday boy we had a Goku Super Saiyan Banner made to use as a photo backdrop. The kids had so much fun showing off their best super saiyan faces for the camera. It was also a wonderful keepsake for the birthday boy to remember his party.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Ice Cream Sundae Bar, Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, peanuts, oreo bits, m&ms, rainbow sprinkles, toffee bits, reese's pieces, waffle bowls, birthday cake

  • Activities / Games

    Goku Saiyan Photobooth


Party Helpers



  • M Argie R

    M Argie R wrote:

    how did you make the super sayayin banner, or where can i get one?

  • M Argie R

    M Argie R wrote:

    Where can i get one of these?

  • no photo

    Karina G wrote:

    Where or how do I go about getting a Banner like yours? Please respond back as to there are other people asking as well :) Thanks

  • Green E

    Green E wrote:

    I need for the Feb. 1 please where do i get it?

  • no photo

    Kaily W wrote:

    Awesome inspirational party! Where would one find these printable food tags and labels you used? Thank you kindly!

  • Daisy G

    Daisy G wrote:

    Where Can i have this made?