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If you’re in the mood for some sillies
In the mood for a rhyme
No need look no further
It’s Dr. Seuss party time!

Everyone knows about the iconic author and illustrator, Dr. Seuss, and his book series full of colorful creatures, wonderful word puns and rib-tickling rhymes. Bring that fantasy world to life in a birthday party inspired by his words and art. Host a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party! Get your DIY skills in gear and create some party décor that mimics the iconic landscape and characters of the book series. Give into plays on words to put out a creative display of party treats and desserts. Send guests home with the tools to turn them into creative illustrators and authors themselves!
This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. She’s got the knack for making learning fun for all the littles in our lives. Stop by her blog to see ideas for days!

Invite the who’s who in Whoville with these Dr. Seuss party invitations .

There are so many fun books in the Dr. Seuss collection that offer inspiration for this party décor. Include as many as possible in your display, food and favors to turn the entire party into Seuss-land.

Take advantage of the height of the table with a high flying Cat in the Hat balloon and Truffula trees from the Lorax.

These printed gift boxes are great to fill with goodies for a friend or keep empty and stack on your party table as a centerpiece.

Decorate the front of the party table with a makeshift garland featuring book covers designed by Dr. Seuss. Punch two holes at the top of these mini book prints and string them together with printed ribbon.

Decorate the eating area with a mix of colors and patterns that scream Dr. Seuss! Activity placemats give a little pop of color and can entertain those waiting for others to be done.

Party hats or even costume hats fitting the characters are always a good idea!

While birthdays tend to be full of sweets, consider evening out the mix of sugary desserts with some lighter snacks to enjoy prior to the big birthday song. Let the titles of popular Dr. Seuss books and characters inspire you when creating food labels.

Make single serve “hop on popcorn” in cups featuring the memorable characters from the Dr. Seuss classics. Guests will have the option to choose one fish or two fish when you offer colorful fish crackers at the table.

Create cupcake toppers with die-cut shapes and toothpicks and add them to desserts wrapped in these fantastic reversible cupcake wrappers .

Dye Cool Whip blue and add a dollop on red Jello to form Thing 1 and Thing 2 parfaits.

Transform a pack of string cheese snack into Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat with a black and red Sharpie marker.

Turn ordinary sugar cookies into green eggs with the help of white chocolate and a green sixlet treat.

A birthday party is always a great time to reminisce about the past year but also to look forward to the future! Use Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You Will Go as a guestbook. Use an excerpt from the book to help direct guests on what to do.

Consider some carnival type games for this Seussville type bash. To create a fun game turn recycled cans or even a store-bought set into the signature headwear of The Cat in the Hat! Stack the cans, toss the balls and see how many you can knock down!

It’s always nice to thank your guests with a little memento of their time spent at your themed birthday party. For this Dr. Seuss birthday party bash, we’re gifting each attendee a little bag of goodies. A Dr. Seuss notebook and multi color pen will let each of your guests start their own illustrated book series once they return home!
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Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Popcorn, mozzarella cheese, gold fish crackers and jello

  • Desserts

    cookies and cupcakes

  • Party Favors

    A Dr. Seuss notebook and multi color pen

  • Activities / Games

    Carnival type games to amp up this Seussville type bash.


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