Meghan's 12th Birthday - Asian Style

Tammy M By Tammy M  in Birthday


Party Recap

I found the Konnichiwa party on this site by Risa B. and fell in love. Now how to adapt this to fit a 12 year old~and in came the Harajuku inspiration. The girls all came dressed Harajuku style. They made hats to go with their outfits, painted kokeshi dolls, and painted kanji symbols on t-shirts. They danced alot! Such a sweet, cute and super fun party!!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Custom Cupcakes

  • Activities / Games

    Mini Hat Decorating - Origami folding- Kanji Symbol Painting - Kokeshi Dolls

  • Budget

    ~under 100-- incudes crafts, food and some decorations. Alot of the decor I pulled from other parties I have done, and I made the invites and printables. I used $1 wrapping paper on the table and backdrops. I use wrapping paper alot to decorate with, you can find beautiful inexpensive paper and jazz up your tables and backdrops for pennies.

  • Party Favors

    All of their crafts fit into takeout chinese boxes, along with some funky hairbows, chopsticks and green tea bags.

  • What People Ate

    "Fake" Sushi

  • What People Drank

    Green Tea


Party Helpers



  • Risa B

    Risa B wrote:

    I LOVE THIS!!! I love all the colors, and the Harajuku twist! So. Absolutely. Darling! Thanks for mentioning me! :) You are very talented, and I LOVE how you used the wrapping paper! Well done! Risa B.

  • Tammy M

    Tammy M wrote:

    Thanks Risa, you are the inspiration, love your parties!!

  • Bittersweet Events

    Bittersweet Events wrote:

    I am having a Harajuku style party for my daughter in May- where did you find these invites?

  • Tammy M

    Tammy M wrote:

    Hi Pamela, I made them ;-)

  • no photo

    Lisa B wrote:

    Where can ou get unpainted kokeshi dolls?

  • Tammy M

    Tammy M wrote:

    Hi Lisa, I made them, you can get all the supplies at Michaels. The bottoms are unfinished wood cups or candle cups, the top head is a ball with a one flat side, and the 'hair' are small balls. I can't remember if I used E6000 glue or hot glue to attach, but either will work. They all come in packages in the unfinished wood/craft section.

  • Kourtney R

    Kourtney R wrote:

    Great job on this party!! It's all so cute! Where did you get those invites from? I've been looking for ones with a blonde kokeshi doll :)