Party Recap

We had a Cupcake decorating and craft party.... 30 kids got to decorate two cupcakes each.. One to take home as part of there lolly bag and another to put on a tray to have at cake time... We then decorated (pre painted by me) white picture frames with stickers, glitter etc


Party Highlights

  • Desserts


  • Activities / Games

    We done decorating cupcakes and picture frame. Also played pass the pickle.. Once the pickle stops playing music and lands on your your out, you get a chocolate and leave the circle.. The last one left is the winner! always a fun game!

  • Budget

    I dont ever keep track of what I have spent as I think if my husband found out! he wouldnt let me do what I love doing!!!

  • Party Favors

    There cup cake and picture frame

  • Best Moment

    Taking the cover off the cupcake decorating table to see the kids faces light up seeing all the lollies

  • What People Ate

    We always have our parties in non food times so we are not expected to feed everyone! We cater for Snacks and to have more sweet party food...

  • What People Drank

    Water or lite raspberry cordial to go with the theme

  • Most Touching Moment

    People commenting on the efforts put in to present party!

  • Funniest Moment

    My husband jumping on our trampoline with 20 odd kids!!

  • Love doing the kids birthday parties!

    Stay tuned for my daughters 3rd peppa pig themed party!!



  • Missy M

    Missy M wrote:

    OMGosh what a great idea!!! How did the cupcake decorating go and what age were your girls. I am wondering if this would be to much for a 6 year old party??

  • Missy M

    Missy M wrote:

    I love crafts at parties we have done crafts at all dd parties since she was old enough to do them!

  • Missy M

    Missy M wrote:

    awww cute, cute, cute!~!!

  • Karen W

    Karen W wrote:

    It went really well, We had heaps of lollies left over but was a great impact... Had a long table with double of everything so there would be enough standing room for 30 people.. I used the clear plastic trays that our cheese slices come in... Also used icing in a can to save so much mess!! My daughter turned 6.. My other daughter who is 2 thought it was great fun too, parents stayed and helped the kids.. Was great fun

  • no photo

    Lori G wrote:

    hi! Love your party! writing from chicago and wondering whether you purchased the red/white cupcake cups on-line? Cheers! Lori