Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The birthday boy, of course!

  • Desserts

    Cupcakes were the main treat! Star Crunch on a stick, Moon Pies, Cosmic brownies, and lots of candy!

  • Activities / Games

    We did the pinata I made! The kid's loved it!

  • Budget

    About $200! Everything was recycled or found on clearance! It's so easy to DIY!

  • Party Favors

    I made juice box robots! They were a huge hit!

  • Best Moment

    My sweet boy eating his cake!

  • What People Ate

    We had "Bot Dogs" complete with chili, relish, onions, and condiments. We had "Blast Off" baked beans. "Computer Chips" and dip. "Force Field Fruit". And "Venus Veggies"!

  • What People Drank

    Fruit punch, bottled water, and juice boxes for the kids.

  • Funniest Moment

    He didn't like the presents!


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  • Denise A

    Denise A wrote:

    Where did you find these?