Party Recap

We celebrated Abby's 3rd Birthday on the Farm with a pink Cowgirl Jamboree..It was held at A local farm in town that was perfect. All the little girls were greeted with a pink cowgirl hat and pink bandanna's. The girls also received pink and white hobby horses made from socks. Activities included horse racing, cow train, hayrides, slide and jumping Pillow. Each guest went home with their goodies, plus a jar of cowgirl cookies and sugar cookies made into wanted posters with the birthday girls picture on it .. We had a blast


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    smore pops/ cookies / cake/

  • Activities / Games

    horse races/hayrides cow train / jumping pillows/pumpkin toss

  • Budget


  • Party Favors

    Hobby orse, cowgirl cookies jars, bandana's/ cowgirl hats/sugar cookies

  • Best Moment

    wathcing the little girls play with their horses

  • What People Ate

    Hotdogs / chips

  • What People Drank

    rootbeer & mik



  • Nicole S

    Nicole S wrote:

    love it!

  • Nicole S

    Nicole S wrote:

    You did a really good job on these Sandy. Love Them!!!

  • Nicole S

    Nicole S wrote:

    so cute

  • Nicole S

    Nicole S wrote:

    I know the girls loved the party. You are so creative!! Another Excellent Production!!!

  • Clarissa D

    Clarissa D wrote:

    did you make the pony sticks they are too cute

  • Sandy E

    Sandy E wrote:

    I did make those..just socks, yarn and a stick :)

  • no photo

    Sherry E wrote:


  • Melissa B

    Melissa B wrote:

    Where did you order the cookies or did you make them??? Did you think the play horses were worth the trouble/money...about how much to make them?

  • Sandy E

    Sandy E wrote:

    Melissa my best friend made the cookies. She took my picture that I took and got the transfers printed at Walmart. Placed them on sugar cookies and added a border. I loved the horse the girls did too. I started on them really early little by little so the cost didnt seem so bad. I would say total around 60-70 dollars for about 15 of them.

  • no photo

    Latricia S wrote:

    who made the invitations or the theme pic wanted ...please let me know, I love it.