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Come One, Come All... It's a Halloween Carnival!

Jodie {Party Nv} V By Jodie {Party Nv} V  in Birthday


Party Recap

Last year for my son's 4th birthday I was determined to host a Halloween Carnival, although I'll admit I'm not sure if it was more for him or me. I mean seriously, who doesn't love Halloween AND Carnivals?! So, I consulted my husband and started a budget... both said NO WAY! Did I let a little thing like a budget stop me? Heck no, I threw that piece of paper out the window... Just kidding! I actually threw my husband out... Haha, just kidding again!! But, I did have to get creative with my ideas so he didn't throw me out (probably not kidding).

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Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Hot dogs, chips, cake, donuts, caramel apples, cake pops, popcorn, etc.

  • What People Drank

    Water, pop and apple cider.

  • Desserts

    Cake, caramel corn, donuts, caramel apples, cake pops, and candy.

  • Party Favors

    Various game prizes.

  • Activities / Games

    Spooky Spider Swamp Mystery Bowls Pumpkin Bowling Witch Hat Ring Toss Hungry Ghost Can Knock Down Tattoos Bounce House Campfire


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