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Colorful Ice Cream Sundae Bar

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Party Recap

July is National Ice Cream Month so it only seems fitting to throw an Ice Cream Party! Summer fun is even better when you serve up the icy treat which is exactly what we did on our patio on a hot day! An ice cream sundae bar is a delicious treat and a fun way to create a serve-yourself station so guests could add their favorite toppings to make their own unique dessert! Simple goodies that were easy for kids to handle were lined up on a platter and dished out in tiny cups and containers to make individual servings to sprinkle on the ice cream. Miniature cones got a dip in some colorful icing and sprinkles to make edible vessels for a bright sprinkle mix! Cupcake cups and toy dishes also held marshmallows and candies for an added sugar fix! The ice cream was pre-scooped and held inside an ice bucket...another easy way to serve it AND keep it cold! Extra goodies such as cake and mini cupcakes just added to the dessert table fun and were decked out in more color!
Wrapping paper made a fun "backdrop" by using it to cover the window behind the table, which also had a whimsical centerpiece perfect for an ice cream party! The yellow fellow is actually a chandelier but looked extra cheerful holding some honeycomb cones! Simple but cute ice cream themed party supplies were set on the table along with some salt water taffy which was a fun substitute for confetti! Each guest also took home a balloon ice cream cone which was filled with trinkets and candy! Plenty of rainbow color and delicious ice cream made this simple afternoon party seem spectacular!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Ice cream sundaes and desserts

  • What People Drank

    water & milk

  • Desserts

    Sundae Bar...toppings included sprinkles, chocolate coated candies, marshmallows to top vanilla ice cream. Guests also indulged on vanilla cake and chocolate mini cupcakes.

  • Party Favors

    DIY ice cream cone favors were handed to the guests. The paper cone held trinkets and candy and a balloon ice cream scoop hid them inside!


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