Party Recap

For my daughter’s 9th birthday we decided to host a Coffee House Party in our own home. For food we decided on a “pasty case” theme for our menu. PB & J sandwiches, fruit trays, an imitation protein plate, and a veggie tray were for our main entrees. Then for dessert we had assorted pound cakes, cookies, muffins, and lemon bars.

To incorporate our theme into the activities, the girls were each given a reusable coffee cup and permanent markers. Then they personalized and decorated each of their own cups. For our second activity we decided to make homemade Frappuccinos. Each girl helped measure and add ingredients to the blender. Then the girls added toppings to their own blended beverage . Our last activity included breaking our Frappuccino themed Piñata filled with a variety of candies.


Party Highlights

  • What People Drank

    Sweet tea

  • Desserts

    Cakes and assorted pastries

  • Party Favors

    Green Apron favor boxes with latte lip balms, Reusable coffee cups, Siren logo favor bags. Some girls even took home some of the photo props.


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