Party Recap

Like all three year old girls, Lilah is madly in love with all-things fairy tale and princess related, so after watching Cinderella on Broadway, Lilah decided that she wanted a “Cinderella Ballet” party to celebrate turning three!

Guests received an invitation designed as a Playbill which included a “program” {the actual invitation} and tickets per member of their household to bring with them as they arrived at Lilah’s “third performance” – the production of Cinderella Ballet!

As the little ballerinas arrived to the party, they were brought “backstage” to a ballerina vanity to have their makeup done, and to receive a princess wand!

Guests dined on Fairy Godmother Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Glass Slipper Stuffing Cups, Curtain Call Crostinis, Enchanted Pumpkin Cookies, Clock Tower Cookies, Button Cookies, Plain Yellow Pumpkin Pies, and more! They also drank a variety of offerings from the “Barre & Winery” including Pink Princess Potion!

The decor included Lilah’s mommy’s first ballet slippers, a true animator’s sketch of Cinderella given to Lilah’s mommy, enchanted pumpkins, twirling ballerinas, vintage spools, Degas paintings, fluttering bluebirds, buttons scattered on the floor by the working mice, tutus made for Lilah when she was an infant, and little Cinderella and ballet details throughout!

All guests teamed up for a game of Cinderella Trivia, and then indulged in a slice or two of the almond cake with fresh raspberry filling and buttercream frosting”


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    "Glass Slipper Stuffing" "Fairy Godmother's Grilled Cheese Sandwiches" "Pirouette Popcorn" in "Salty Step-Sister" flavor "Charming's Chips" in "Bibbidy Bobbidy BBQ" flavor "Clock Tower Cookies" "Enchanted Pumpkin Cookies" "Plain Yellow Pumpkin Pies" Delicate Almond Cake with Raspberry Preserve Filling and much more...

  • What People Drank

    "Pink Princess Potion" Various Drinks from the "Barre & Winery"


Party Helpers


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