Catherine and Kevin's Elegant and Romantic Wedding

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College sweethearts Catherine and Kevin couldn’t be more well-matched – both played basketball at Liberty University, both are over six feet tall, and both are glad that Kevin pursued her when they first met! Catherine says, “Once we went on our first date, I realized how thankful I was that he was so persistent for so long!”

The couple was instantly drawn to the idea of a rustic vibe for their wedding, but they wanted to maintain that classy, effortless feel. Enter their floral picks – an abundance of white and soft pink hydrangeas, roses and pittosporum that painted a wonderfully romantic atmosphere on their big day. “We did all of the flowers ourselves! Nine bouquets, 12 boutonnieres and 18 centerpieces,” Catherine remembers. “It was such a fun experience! My sister (maid of honor) helped me prep all the flowers two days before the wedding, and then all of my bridesmaids helped put the flowers together the day before the wedding!”

Apart from sharing their wedding with their loved ones, Catherine says she was thrilled to finally marry her best friend. Her advice for couples looking to DIY involves a lot of planning ahead and reading up on tips. “Plan to have help, have your help watch the tutorial videos that you are gaining inspiration from, and create assembly lines when possible! I found it easiest to make one of the centerpieces that I really liked as the example, and then everyone else could base it off of that!


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