Party Recap



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    Terica A wrote:

    hi where did you order your cutouts from? I might be cheaper to have tehm shipped to the states

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    Terica A wrote:

    I love it, if you can give me the information on the vendors that you used, thanks, Salamat Po... ( I might have spelled it worng) :o)

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    Terica A wrote:

    that's cool also :o)

  • Jazz N

    Jazz N wrote:

    why you have lots of parties? and very nice decorations. do you own a party shop in ph? id like to hir your artist

  • Samantha L

    Samantha L wrote:

    life sized named cutouts and film reels Where can i get this at

  • Erica M

    Erica M wrote:

    where did you get the signs?