Party Recap

We celebrated our son's 5th birthday with a Cars themed party! We used lots of race car and cars themed items to make this party super fun.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    1. Custom Cars Cake by The Monkey Cage 2. Luigi's Tower of Tires - Mini Chocolate Donuts 3. Licorice and other candy

  • Party Favors

    1. Wheel & Rim yo-yos 2, Cone cups 3, Hot Wheels 4, Hand held race car game

  • Activities / Games

    1, Race Track races 2, Pin the Wheel on Lighting McQueen 3, Bean bag toss into tires 4, Limbo

  • What People Ate

    1. Mater's Mini Weenies- Corn dogs 2. Francesco's Deliziosa Panzerotti - Pizza rolls 3. Chick Hick's Chicken Bits - Chicken Nuggets 4. Lightning McQueen's Race Cars - Apples & Grapes (made to look like cars, see pic) 5. Miguel Camino's Papitas - Tortilla chips & Doritos 6, Dipsticks - Pretzel rods

  • What People Drank

    1. Motor Oil - Grape juice 2. Fillmore's Organic Fuel - Water 3, Allinol - Fruit punch


Party Helpers



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    Annette V wrote:

    Hi I was wondering if you could email at amvp15@bellsouth.net. I wanted to know how you did the race track. Dd you use spray paint??? Also the cones on the table with straws how did you do that Great party thanks Anbette

  • no photo

    Tiffany H wrote:

    Annette, My husband purchased the paint at Home Depot, it's the kind you use for marking fields for sports. Any hardware store should carry it. I purchased the cone cups online at Birthday Express.com just type in construction cone cups or you can use this link: http://www.birthdayexpress.com/Construction-Cone-Cup/57003/PartyItemDetail.aspx. I will also email you this info.

  • Lauren J

    Lauren J wrote:

    So cute, where did you find the drink cones?

  • no photo

    Tiffany H wrote:

    Lauren J- I bought them online at birthdayexpress.com. They are listed under Construction Cone Cups. Loved them!

  • no photo

    Michelle A wrote:

    Hello! Where did you get the winner's circle tire label holders? Thanks!!

  • no photo

    Jennifer H wrote:

    very great ideas! would like to know if you can help me with getting the winner's circle tire holders or if you happen to still have yours and want to sale them. Thank you!!

  • no photo

    Tiffany H wrote:

    Michelle A, I bought them from a local party store here in the Inland Empire. They are actually balloon weights.

  • no photo

    Nicole M wrote:

    I absoultely LOVE everything you had at this party!! I have so many questions to ask you lol, If you don't mind me asking where or how did you print out all of the labels for everything? The water jug and food especially!! What is the street light made out of? What was the hardest part of decorating? Was there anything hard to find? I appreciate everything in advance!!

  • Brooke N

    Brooke N wrote:

    Where did you get your food labels and stickers?