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Cars 2: Gabe's Grand Prix

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Party Recap

Gabe had been requesting a Disney Cars 2 party for months. All I kept seeing was licensed characters everywhere and I sorta wanted to cry. However, since I've seen Cars 2 a billion times, I knew that some of the main characters were British and the last race in the World Grand Prix was set in Britain. Now if you know me, you know that I'm a bit of an Anglophile. Gabe's room has a British theme so it made total sense for me to pull all the British aspects of the movie and run wild with it. Gabe's Grand Prix was born!

I worked with Christy from Papertree Studios to whip up some cute custom invites and Tara from One Stylish Party on an adorable KA-CHOW! banner. The main focus of the party was the dessert table though. I spent a few weeks spray painting individual cars and laying them out in a Union Jack flag pattern. I kinda loved the end result. It's now hanging in Gabe's room so I don't feel bad about how much time I put into that backdrop! Cutie pie cookies from Picket Fence Confections and amazing cake pops by Brittany were the stars of the dessert table show. A few British props from Homegoods and we were good to go! Gabe was thrilled with his Cars 2 party and I was thrilled to have thrown a Disney character party that I thought looked good! Cheerio!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Beef Roast with Yorkshire Pudding (Roast Beef Sliders) Peanut Butter & Jam Tea Sandwiches Fish & Chips (Goldfish & Potato Chip Mix) Cucumber Salad

  • Desserts

    Cake Cake Pops Chocolate Doughnuts Sugar Cookies Brownies Lollipops, Gumballs & M & M's

  • Party Favors

    Cars Books Lightning Bolt Shoe Laces Union Jack Tissues

  • Activities / Games

    British Phone/Photobooth


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