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Captain America Birthday Party

Jacque W By Jacque W  in Birthday


Party Recap

My son wanted a Captain America themed party. We did a Super Hero Training Academy with stations and games and lots of yummy red, white, and blue foods.


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    Seeing the birthday boy smile when everyone sang to him.

  • Funniest Moment

    Watching the kids try to get themselves out of the spider web they made with string.

  • Most Touching Moment

    The guest's face when she learned she won the "Mighty Minds" contest. She was so excited to take the jar of gumballs home!

  • Best Dressed

    Some of the kids came in superhero costumes. They looked awesome! All the kids wore their capes I made. It was great.

  • Desserts


  • Party Favors

    gumballs in a plastic tube

  • Activities / Games

    Over and Under, Pass the Kryptonite, Make a Web, Vanquish the Villain, Lava Walk, Target Practice, Mighty Minds

  • Budget


  • What People Ate

    The kids/adults ate a variety of red, white and blue foods. A veggie tray, fruit, jello jigglers, cake, licorice, candy, popcorn, and marshmallows.

  • What People Drank

    A blue fruit punch made with blue hawaiian punch, sprite, and sherbet.


Party Helpers

  • Sweets Treats Boutique

    vendor for straws and cupcake cups

    I used this etsy shop vendor for the adorable blue and white cupcake cups and white with red star straws. They were fabulous and shipped out my items really quickly.



  • no photo

    Robin W wrote:

    Where did you have the invites done? I love them and would love to use it for my son

  • Jacque W

    Jacque W wrote:

    Hi Robin, My sister, Jaimey, actually designed the invites for me using photoshop. She says she'd be willing to design one for you if you'd like. (I'm not sure what she'd charge, but I'm sure it'd be reasonable.) Her email is Thanks, Jacque

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    Lauren G wrote:

    Can you describe in detail the games you played? Thanks so much!!

  • Jacque W

    Jacque W wrote:

    Hi Lauren, Yes. Over and Under was a relay type game where the kids stood in two lines and passed a balloon over the head, then under the legs all the way to the back of the line and back to the front. The line who went fastest won. We did it a few times - girls against boys, etc. Pass the Kryptonite was like hot potato. The kids were in a circle, and they passed a green ping pong ball from one child to the next 'til the music stopped playing. The child left with the "kryptonite" was out. We played 'til there was one winner. (I wouldn't suggest this for younger kids. My 4 year old and a few other younger kiddos got extremely upset when they were "out". They did better with the games where everyone played the whole time.) Make a Web was a little crazy, but the kids had fun. We had them stand in a circle and tied the yarn around the birthday boy's waist. Then he tossed the yarn to someone else in the circle. That kid wrapped it around their back and tossed it to someone else. This continued 'til everyone was in the web. The real fun was getting untangled. (Have scissors on hand.) "Vanquish the Villain", "Lava Walk", "Target Practice", and "Mighty Minds" were done as stations with small groups of kids. We split them up in groups of 3 or 4 and had them rotate around the yard. "Vanquish the Villain" was where we put pictures of different villains from superhero stories (Abomination, Loki, Red Skull, Whiplash) on the wall, in the bushes, and standing up in the grass, and the kids shot them with silly string. (You could also use waterguns for this game, as the silly string goes pretty fast.) "Lava Walk" was where we set up a plank of wood raised a foot or so off the ground on top of a few cinder blocks. We put a red plastic table cloth under the plank of wood, so when the kids walked across it, they were walking over lava. (You could make this harder by making it higher or the plank skinnier for older kids.) "Target Practice" was where we set up hula hoops by duct taping them to plastic cones so they stood up straight and the kids shot a marshmallows into the hoops with a marshmallow shooter. You could use any nerf type ball shooter for this game if you don't have a marshmallow shooter.) "Mighty Minds" was a small table with a few chairs that had a jar of gumballs on it. The kids had to guess how many gumballs were in the jar using their mighty minds and write it down on a paper with their name. At the end of the party, I told the child with the closest guess they won, and the got to take home the whole jar of gumballs. We also had a pinata. Hope this helps! Jacque :)

  • Glenda G

    Glenda G wrote:

    I love this!!! Did you make it yourself?

  • Glenda G

    Glenda G wrote:

    I love the "eat, avenge, repeat" sign!

  • Glenda G

    Glenda G wrote:

    The star straws are a nice touch! i've never seen those before!

  • Glenda G

    Glenda G wrote:


  • Jacque W

    Jacque W wrote:

    Thank you, Glenda. My sister designed the invite and eat, avenge, repeat signs using photoshop. I bought the star straws off Thank you for your kind comments!

  • Jacque W

    Jacque W wrote:

    Glenda, if you are interested, my sister can design printables for you. Her name is Jaime, and her email is

  • no photo

    Dara L wrote:

    How can I get this printable?

  • Jacque W

    Jacque W wrote:

    Hi Dara, My sister Jaime designs all my printables. If you are interested in using this one, email her at She does design work for others, too. Thanks!