Party Recap

I was so excited when I met with my client to discuss a “Brave” themed party! Before our meeting I grabbed the movie from a friend and watched it a few times to take notes. Without a doubt, the hardest party I have ever put together! There are so many amazing colors, cultural elements, and fun ideas in this movie, it was so hard to make everything come together the way I wanted; but successfully we got it done!

Decor: A fun handmade DIY project of a “Brick wall” made from a sheet of wood, spray paint, and foam board (True story) with a cute birthday girl banner strung across. Hints of white, blue, orange and green through the display; and plaid to complete the look. Another fun thing we made was double sided targets that were throughout the house hanging from the ceiling and a fun plaid and blue fabric banner as well!

Food: The cake was double tiered and full of fun different ideas. A crown for the little princess, targets cascading down the side of a butter cream simple yet stunning cake! We had vanilla blue wisp cakes, Scottish empire biscuits, and crafty carver cups stuffed full of mini marshmellows! Beverages were green with fun arrow paper straws!

Favors: Check out the target suckers that sit on a fun DIY stand!

Artistry: The beautiful stationary you see amongst the display is made in house by Rachel Errede, the EBK “ART” and stationary team leader! We had crafty carver signs, and a fun Merida inspired princess on our bottles.

Photography: Well, what can I say, I also took the photos of the darling display as I knew exactly how I wanted to capture Stella’s special day!

Entertainment: The most beautiful Merida you ever did meet, with a perfect Scottish accent to fit! The kids had an outstanding time! Thank you so much to the amazing “Kamloops Princess Parties” a local princess business that can make every little girls birthday have a happily ever after!”


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