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Bowling - Calling all Queenpins!

Tammy M By Tammy M  in Birthday


Party Recap

The inspiration for the bowling party came from a treasure hunt. My daughter and I found an old bowling trophy from 1965 in a junk store. With a few coats of white and silver spray paint, and some scrapbook paper, The Pink Ladies Bowling Party was created.

I made the "queenpins" t-shirts which were handed out with the invitation for the guests to wear to the party. We had 2 bowling teams, and they each had to reach into a bowl and pick out a slip of paper that told them how to bowl that round. They bowled w/ a friend, granny shots, walk like frankenstein, bowl backwards, bowl through 3 friends legs and more. They had a blast!

This party was very inexpensive. We had a bowling coupon to bowl 2 games for 12 people. It cost us only $60 for the bowling and shoes. I made everything else, invitations, t-shirts, poodle skirt, cupcake toppers etc.



  • Corey  T

    Corey T wrote:

    I am turning the big 3-0 this summer, and I wanted a 50's party theme. You inspired me to have it at a bowling alley too! What a cool party.

  • Maureen C

    Maureen C wrote:

    Adorable! Where did you get the invitaion???