Party Recap

Party hosted for my children who were turning 5 and 7. It had to be a theme for boy/girl since I have one of each! When guest arrived we had a bike decorating station with balloons, tissue paper flowers, streamers, bike bells, bike lights, spoke decorations (straws slit down the middle), etc. Then they moved on to the drink station where they were given reusable water bottles with their names and gatorade to be used throughout the party. There was a jump house, bike course, hula hoops, pinata, and bubbles on a beautiful sunny April day. More to come on this party when I can upload more pictures.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cakes from local bakery (Harmony House)

  • Activities / Games

    Bike decorating station, jump house, bike course, pinata, and free play

  • What People Ate

    Finger sandwiches from local tea room, bicycle fruit tray, and chips

  • What People Drank

    Bottled soft drinks


Party Helpers



  • Brittany S

    Brittany S wrote:

    WOW! That is amazing! HOW creative!

  • Michelle C

    Michelle C wrote:

    This was probably my favorite part of the party and so easy and cheap!

  • Anna P

    Anna P wrote:

    This is so unique and creative! Great job mama!!!!!!

  • Amy S

    Amy S wrote:

    where did you purchase all the bike napkins and plates? thanks amy

  • Michelle C

    Michelle C wrote:

    I purchased the bike napkins at Target last year in their summer section. Everything else with bikes on it I just made and printed out on my computer. I had left over napkins, but sent them to someone else on this site about 6 months ago. I still have all of the files with the bikes and invitations if you would like I don't mind emailing them to you.

  • no photo

    Claudia V wrote:

    Hello Michelle, could you please send me the files that you mention with bikes!! I am making a surprise party for my boyfriend and he loves bikes..' thanks =) this is my email: villarrealclaudia@hotmail.com

  • no photo

    Claudia V wrote:

    I was looking at your pictures and I want to congratulate you for all the effort you put into it!! everything looks GREAT!! you have given me wonderful ideas...like the fruit dip..how did you made it?

  • no photo

    Paige D wrote:

    Where did you get the bicycle bells and accessories?

  • Candice P

    Candice P wrote:

    Hi i love the party and I love the decor as well. My son wants a bike party in may this year and I am hunting for bicycle decor in desparation, mama any help for me

  • Michelle C

    Michelle C wrote:

    I picked up some bike decor at Hobby Lobby which I think they still have (stamp for favor bags, iron decor, etc. I may have the files on my laptop for the invites and bicycle artwork. I will look if you want to send me an email address I will forward it to you if I find it. The bike decorating station just include things like streamers, balloons, bike lights(dollar tree), and bike bells I think I ordered off of ebay. Hope this helps. my email mlecarter@yahoo.com

  • Jennifer F

    Jennifer F wrote:

    Michelle... Your party is adorable! My son wants a bicycle party for his 6th in July. I would greatly appreciate any files you could send... My email is bjfolsom@epbfi.com. Thanks so much!

  • no photo

    Mari G wrote:

    Michelle- Great party. If you still have file and can email me I would appreciate it. My email is: dmgerig@yahoo.com. Thank you. My 5 year old birthday is coming up and I would love to do a bike theme for his party! Thanks

  • no photo

    Alona R wrote:

    This is amazing! would you be able to send me the files? alonar123@hotmail.com -thank you