Party Recap

Entertainment - Face Painting, cermaic painting, Sand Art
Food - cupcakes, blue jello with swedish fish, rice Krispy treats, cake balls, lollipops, Pixie Sticks
Decor - Turqoise, pink & orange. A Dinglehopper Chandelier, treasure chests, seashells, mermaids


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Sandcaste Cake by Cakes on Youree

  • Activities / Games

    FacePainting by the Uber talented Necee Blackwell at Crooked Tree Designs, Sand Art and Ceramic Painting

  • Best Moment

    BE seeing her SandCastle cake and blowing out the candles

  • What People Ate

    Blue jello with Swedish fish, Mermaid and Seahorse lollipops, Cakepops, RiceKrispy treats, Chocolate seashells.

  • What People Drank

    Juice and Cocktails


1 comment

  • Zsera D

    Zsera D wrote:

    gorgeous! love the cake