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Alexia's 4th birthday

Monique U By Monique U  in Birthday


Party Recap

We had the party in our backyard. I wanted to do more decorating and make it look like you were under the sea,but I ran out of time. But everything turned out great, and everyone had an amazing time! We have a huge pool slide/water park combo and the kids had a blast! I also forgot to put out the octopus hotdogs and the jelly fish sandwiches, but the kids didn't really eat anyway,they were so busy having fun. The adults had plenty of food, and also enjoyed themselves. There was a photo booth set up and when the kids were done with the waterside, they all played around with the photo booth and props, but I think the adults had the most fun with that, it was a great hit! I handmade everything by myself months in advance.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    I made a sand castle cake, and beach pail cupcakes. There was a mini candy bar and I handmade lollipops.

  • Activities / Games

    There was a big water slide pool and a little baby pool for the babies. A photo booth area was set up with all sorts of silly props. The kids also played in my daughters playhouse and her playset.

  • Budget

    I planned a few months in advance,and bought a little here and there. There were a lot of ocean themed things at the dollar store, including ocean pals fruit snacks. I got their favors from there and the beach pails were color coordinated from micheals for $1each. It worked out great buying a little here and there.

  • Best Moment

    All of it was nice, just seeing my daughters happy was worth all of thrust work put into it.

  • What People Ate

    To make things easier I ordered subs, then we had fruit and veggie trays, and a cheese and cracker tray.. I had goldfish and goldfish pretzels. Forgot to put out the jelly fishs sandwiches and the octopus hot dogs. They would have been great for the theme, but it all worked out.

  • What People Drank

    There were juice and water bottles, and I had a big drink dispenser full of blue Hawaiian punch for the "ocean water"

  • Most Touching Moment

    When all the kids said bye, they were all so cute hugging each other.

  • Funniest Moment

    The adults putting on the props and taking funny pictures.



  • Behar Party Designs *

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  • Behar Party Designs *

    Behar Party Designs * wrote:

    Total cuteness!!!

  • Monique U

    Monique U wrote:

    Thank you! :)

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    Melissa N wrote:


  • Monique U

    Monique U wrote:

    Thank you!

  • Shaunna T

    Shaunna T wrote:

    This is beautiful! Did you make it? If so, what is it made out of?

  • Stefani W

    Stefani W wrote:

    OMG!! How did you make these?? i'm helping a friend w/an under the sea party and these are a must! Thanks :)

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    Party Ez Of Hampton Roads P wrote:

    Excellent display!

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    Party Ez Of Hampton Roads P wrote:

    love the lollipop!

  • Linda S

    Linda S wrote:

    Where did you find those beachballs?

  • Monique U

    Monique U wrote:

    I got them from the dollar tree :)

  • Anais A

    Anais A wrote:

    How adorable!

  • Amy S

    Amy S wrote:

    how did u make the cake?

  • Monique U

    Monique U wrote:

    I have the Wilton castle cake kit, I used that and graham cracker crumbs finely processed. It was really easy to make :) I used the gel and colored it to create the water.