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Cheers and Beers College Graduation Party

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Party Recap

When one of our hubbies finished his educational journey, we knew we had to celebrate his accomplishments! This celebration was fit for a king with all the things he loves: beer, good food and some "manly" party activities!

Since the party was a surprise, we knew we wanted to make a BIG impact when he arrived. We blew up some photos, had them printed at our local Staples, cut out the faces and attached them to a strip of poster board. All of the guests held them up when the grad arrived. We can't stop laughing at some of our little ones holding these faces!

To set the tone, we created hand painted signs to give the party a theme, mention the activities and label the "beer barrow" :) Fun fact: the signs were made out of old panels from a fence we removed from one of our yards!

We filled a wheel barrow with ice and added the beer for a perfect open cooler! To add to the beer theme, we created some simple jello treats for the kids that doubled as a fun decoration for the main food table! One of the grad's MOST favorite snacks is popcorn! Emma's Gourmet Popcorn, a local popcorn maker, provided some amazing flavors for us to put on display!

The main event was an axe throwing station that was hand built by one of our super talented husbands! Next we had beer slingshot! The kids loved this one and it ended up being a pretty competitive competition for the adults! Who didn’t love a good game of battleship when they were younger?! This activity turned the classic game into a jumbo party activity!

This party was such a fun celebration of an amazing achievement! The activity stations kept all of the guests busy for hours and fun was had by all!

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Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    - Mac and cheese -pulled pork with 4 BBQ sauce choices -sloppy joes -soft pretzels -coleslaw -candied bacon on a stick -peanuts and party mix

  • What People Drank

    -huggies juice boxes for the kids -beer -seltzers -water

  • Desserts

    -peanut butter pie -"beer" jello

  • Activities / Games

    -Axe throwing -Battleship beer pong -Beer sling shot


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