Party Recap

Audrey's birthday was in April but we were moving into a new house the weekend of her birthday. Then the week after that we had baby #5. So her birthday party was delayed a few weeks. Typically I love doing alot of the kids' parties myself, but when you have an unpacked house and a brand new baby, sometimes a venue like Girly Girls can be your best friend.


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Maelie B. who looked super cute in her boa and hat provided by Girly girls.

  • First To Arrive

    The blankenships; they even beat me and Audrey there!

  • Best Moment

    When all the guests gathered outside then came back into the room, surrounded my daughter and yelled "HAppy Birthday, Audrey", then they all took turns giving her a hug. Audrey was very touched.

  • What People Ate

    An appetizer of goldfish crackers. Dinner was chicken nuggets, juice boxes and fruits. For dessert we chose the fondue plates.

  • What People Drank


  • Funniest Moment

    Charlotte, then age 3, getting her nails and hair done to be like "the big girls".

  • Best Dance Moves

    Rhegan and Audrey

  • Party Budget: $300

    We went over budget on this party. We had a 90% turnout (great!) but each girl over the 8 girls included in the package, we paid an additional $35/head. This made the total quite a bit over budget, BUT we were so pleased that so many of Audrey's friends came to help her celebrate turning 6!


Party Helpers

  • Girly Girlz


    Girly Girlz did a great job with Audrey's birthday party. They handled the invitations, food, and entertainment. All the girls who attended had a great time.



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