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Mermaid Party

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Party Recap

Every mother says this, but I really can’t believe my daughter turned FIVE. It seems like just yesterday that I had her. Crazy!
She’s my beautiful, spunky, smart, jokester, sassy, girly girl.

I first start with the overall feel and then move onto color scheme. With Mermaids you can do a lot of different colors but the Coral, Mint, Turquoise and White was what we decided to go with. After this, I move onto design! We went with a silhouette mermaid, quatrefoil and scale patterns.

We bounced around several decor ideas. Let me tell you, there are so many ideas for this theme and we just couldn’t fit it all in one party. It would almost have to be a two parter!  

For some of the hanging decor, I took paper lanterns, glued tissue fringe and tulle ruffle strips to the bottom and Wall-Ah we have Jellyfish!  A thanks to my mom for helping sew the ruffles.  Also throughout the netting were hanging crystals to give that "bubble" feel. Those were from Sparkle Soiree. Over the dessert table were more paper lanterns but I added 5" tissue paper circles in an Ombree effect.

For the drink station I added pirate eye patches to some of the cups for the boys to take and the drink was "Ocean Water" which was lemonade.

Onto the kids table... These linens, kids table and chairs were rented from Themes for Kids Party Rentals..  They even sent little rhinestone wraps for the backs of the chairs.

I had this idea of having a few different ideas for the kids to do.  First, was for them to make a bubble necklace using Gumballs and twine.  Second, was to decorate treasure chests.  I had starfish boxes created by Wendy’s Printable Party. and had her tie in the coloring.  In each of the starfish boxes, I added the adhesive jewels for each child to decorate their treasure chest.  Third, was an Activity Book I made. The Activity books had two coloring pages, connect the dots, crossword puzzle, maze and a free drawing page. I also had a Bubble show where a “Bubble Specialist” came and made giant bubbles, square bubbles and free play with the bubbles from Best Bubble Parties.

I wanted the utensils to have a bit of flair so I had JL Mould Custom Stamps create the same coral image and stamped each in coral, mint and gold ink.

Dessert table had a lot to look at.  Backdrop was a vinyl photography backdrop and I glued it to foam board then hung my banner across.  I thought of having the sequin table cloth to make it look like sand and it came out so perfectly.  I found the sequin table cloth from Sparkle Soiree.  Tassel Garland from Paper Project was a great addition to add a little color below.  The lanterns on each side were large paper lanterns and I glued 5" tissue circles in an ombre effect.  They reminded me so much of fish scales. I purchased a paper mache treasure chest at Hobby Lobby and painted it to match the colors.  I filled it with floral foam then covered it in candy jewels, candy necklaces, rings, ring pops, tiaras and the Jewel cake pops came out of the top were from Astonishing Cakes.

I loved how the treasure chest turned out. I've worked with Renee over at Astonishing Cakes on almost every shoot I've done and check out these cool jewel cake pops from her. There were also Shell cake pops and mermaid tail cake pops too from Kima's Konfections and the cute display box was from The Mad Cake Pops. If you follow me on Facebook, you might remember me posting these star dishes.  Look how cute the Mini Shell Chocolate Covered Oreos fit inside these from Gemma at Party Style Magazine.  Sixlets were by Sweet Works. I fell in love with these Treasure chest and Seahorse cookies from Iced Bake Shoppe.  They were shimmery too which gave them a beautiful effect. The cake was bought from the Grocery Store and I had Renee from Astonishing Cakes make the fondant pieces and Mermaid topper. The Mermaid cookies to match the invitations were spot on from Cravings by Wendy!  I added coral sanding sugar under them to give a little more detail to the display.

Another detail to the dessert table was I took a paper mache "5", painted it, added sequins and created a “Mermaid” 5.  I also took mason jars I had around the house and painted them.  Then I added rope like yarn around the top and glued colored starfish to them.

Whimsy and Whirl made this adorable costume for my lil lady.  I loved the headpiece!! It was so natural looking with a bit of glitz.

The take home favor was Beta fish for each child.  This was one of the highlights of the party for the kids. They LOVED the fish.  I bought jars for $1.00 from Hobby Lobby, glued shells to the top, spray painted them and of course drilled holes in the lids so those little guys could breathe. 

All of these fabulous pictures were taken by the lovely Tina at T photography by Tina Hall. I'm so grateful she's been the photographer on a few of my parties now.  She really knows how to capture the moment.

All the Fabulous Vendors:
-Jewel Cake Pops & Mermaid & Shell Cake Toppers: Astonishing Cakes
-Blue & Coral Shell Cake Pops: Kima’s Konfections
-Treasure Chest, Seahorse & Name Cookies: Iced Baked Shoppe:
-Mermaid & Mini Shell Cookies: Cravings by Wendy:
-Chocolate covered Oreos: Party Style Magazine;
-Cake Pop stand: The Mad Cake Pop:
-Sixlets by sweet works
-Stamp Pattern: Custom Stamps
-Starfish Boxes: Wendy’s Printable Party
-Tassel Garland: Project Paper:
-Circle Garland: Bad Kitty Sweatshop:
-Sequin Table Cloths & Crystals: Sparkle Soiree :
-Costume: Whimsy & Whirl
-Kids table linens: Themes for Kids Party Rentals:
-Bubble Party: Best Bubble Parties:
-Photography: T Photography by Tina Hall


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cookies, Cake Pops, Candy jewels, Candy necklaces, Sour strips, Cake, gumballs

  • Party Favors

    Beta Fish

  • Activities / Games

    Activitiy Books, Treasure Chest to decorate with adhesive jewels, Make a Bubble Necklace and to watch a Bubble Show

  • Budget


  • What People Ate

    We had appetizers and a dessert table

  • What People Drank

    Lemonaide "Ocean Water" and ice tea


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  • Alyssa  C

    Alyssa C wrote:

    Thank you!

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    Yaima A wrote:

    What a goregeous party! Loved all the details :) May I ask, where did you get the tissue circles from? Yaima

  • Alyssa  C

    Alyssa C wrote:

    The ones to attach in the ombre look? Yes, Create it Girl on etsy. She sells just the 5" circles and lanterns and then I attached them using hot glue.

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    Yaima A wrote:

    Yes, those. Thanks for the information, this party is stunning! Congrats again.

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    Alyssa C wrote:

    Thank you so much!

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    Tara R wrote:

    So beautiful! May I ask where the invites was from? They're so unique!

  • Alyssa  C

    Alyssa C wrote:

    Hi Tara, I made them! I own a printable can find the entire collection in my shop at

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    Tara R wrote:

    Thank you! I will be contacting you in a few months for invites for my daughter's 5th birthday :)

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    Yaima A wrote:

    I love all the party details! Where did you purchase the #5? or if you made it, what size circles did you use? Thanks - Yaima

  • Alyssa  C

    Alyssa C wrote:

    Yaima, I found the 5 at Hobby Lobby. It's paper mache. Painted it the color I needed. I purchased turquoise & white sequins (LARGE ones) and attached them to the 5 to give it the scale look