Party Recap



  • Angelica P

    Angelica P wrote:

    Love this idea. I am doing my baby's 1st birthday in July and would love to know where you bought the decorations..

  • no photo

    Michele A wrote:

    Angelica, I got some of the decorations from Shindigz.com That's where the customer backdrop and watermelons came from. I covered the cardboard watermelons in felt to make them look better. Because they come with a crease from folding in half. I made the cake stands and water melons out of felt and crates from Micheals craft store.

  • no photo

    Michele A wrote:

    The theme on Shindigz.com is Tutti frutti .

  • Alyssa T

    Alyssa T wrote:

    I really love this and I want to make something similar for my niece's one in a melon birthday. Can I ask, what size wood did you use for the support planks reaching up out of the crates

  • Amanda R

    Amanda R wrote:

    Where did you get the yellow and white stripped banner that says One in a Melon ? I don’t see that one in particular on Shindigz