Party Recap

My grand-daughter wanted a Monster High party, so I took to the internet and found some great ideas and even created some of my own. It was fun putting the party together.



  • Amanda T

    Amanda T wrote:

    Hi I was wondering if you could tell me where I can go to get the sticker template? Thank you

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    Nicole M wrote:

    how did you make the punch and pudding?

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    Tammy B wrote:

    Hi Nicole, For the punch, we bought the large containers of Hawaiian Punch, two different flavors and just filled the dispensers. For the pudding, it was vanilla pudding and we just added a little green food dye and topped off with crushed up Oreos. Thanks, Tammy

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    Tammy B wrote:

    I apologize, I just saw your comment. I am assuming it's too late. I did these myself using clipart and the Avery website.