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Aria + Vivian's Birthday at Hogwarts

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Party Recap

My daughters are HUGE Harry Potter fans so we knew we would have to make their party pure magic!

We found the perfect venue (Sugar Fox Party) and transformed it into a magical Hogwarts experience for all to enjoy! Hogwarts acceptance letters were sent to all guests and they were also asked to visit a sorting hat website to figure out which 'house' they were in (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw). Once Aria and Vivian (the birthday girls) discovered what house they were sorted into, they dressed in Hogwarts-inspired uniforms for Ravenclaw and Gryffindor.

On the day of the party, new students (guests) arrived to the venue and were instantly transported to an enchanting, Hogwarts-like place with so many things to experience!

The Decor: Sugar Fox Party is the PERFECT location for an event with Hogwarts/Hogsmeade vibes. It features beautiful built-in tables and shelves, rustic stone floors, a lamp post, and a large stone fireplace which was perfect for housing dozens of Hogwarts letters arriving by Owl Post! As guests entered the space, they were greeted by colorful tablescapes topped with Harry Potter themed linens, faux candles and candlesticks and balloon centerpieces with tiny hanging winged keys. The Hogwarts letters from the fireplace flowed onto a large backdrop of balloons with custom signs and textural flowers. Next to this area, a sign leading to Knockturn Alley marked the way to the restroom. A custom sign also denoted the location of Ollivander's Wand Shop and a colorful treat display with backdrop and balloons welcomed guests to Honeydukes. A beverage display wall provided shimmering Polyjuice potion for guests while the other beverages were located in a vintage-style pink cooler marked with "the Leaky Cauldron" logo. Built-in shelves and tables housed all sorts of Harry Potter decor, including photographs, vintage bottles, faux candles, wands, vintage luggage and other HP paraphernalia.

The Food + Beverage: Guests/students were greeted by a feast of kid-friendly charcuterie, desserts, water, lemonade, and Polyjuice potion to drink! A gravity-defying cake was designed by the amazing Flour & Flowers by MK. It tasted as good as it looked!

The Activities: Upon arrival, each student got a "tie" in their House colors and then attended classes in Herbology, Charms class and Potions class. While attending Herbology, students chose a Patronus and made a little cloche environment with moss and stones to keep it in. They stopped by Ollivander's where they customized a wand, filled out a wand registration card and then practiced spells and charms with it. In Potions Class, students made magical potion bottle necklaces and flavored lip gloss. Hogwarts house-themed coloring pages and a Spells and Charms Matching Game were also provided as a fun activity. After classes wrapped up, students went on a Horcrux scavenger hunt and posed in front of a photo booth with fun props. They finished their visit with a trip to Honeyduke's where they filled their favor bags with fun Harry Potter themed items and sweet treats!

It was a most magical experience for all and the birthday girls had the best time! I was so happy to create this whimsical world for them!

Planning + event design, flowers, balloons, linens, signage, rentals and invitations by Kio Kreations
Cake: Flour & Flowers by MK
Venue: Sugar Fox Party in Yorkville, Illinois
Photography: Jennifer Kaye Photography


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    The Food: Guests/students were greeted by a feast of kid-friendly charcuterie which included fruit, veggies, dips, crackers, pretzels, naan dippers, nuts, pepperoni and pickles.

  • What People Drank

    Water, lemonade, flavored water and Polyjuice potion were served.

  • Desserts

    Desserts included decadent brownies, rice crispy treats, sugar cookies bars, chocolate chip cookies and a gravity-defying cake was designed by the amazing Flour & Flowers by MK and a candy buffet.

  • Party Favors

    Handcrafted wands, house tie-pins, lip balm, potion bottle necklaces, and a bag treats from the candy buffet (assorted candies, bubbles, stickers, pencils, PEZ, and even golden snitches!)

  • Activities / Games

    Activities included "classes" in Herbology, Charms + Potions along with a Horcrux hunt, photo backdrop, candy buffet, coloring and activity pages.


Party Helpers

  • Kio Kreations

    Planning, Flowers, Stationery, Balloons, Linens, Design

    Planned, designed and orchestrated by Kio Kreations with stationery, balloons, linens, favors, rentals, and florals. Kio Kreations made some desserts as well with recipes from

  • Jennifer Kaye Photography


    Jenny took our amazing photos!

  • Sugar Fox Party

    The Venue

    Perfect venue for our party in Yorkville, Illinois

  • Flour & Flowers by MK

    Cake designer

    Amazing gravity-defying cake designed by the impeccable Flour & Flowers by MK.


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