Party Recap

What a treat it was designing this table! I was commissioned to do this table for a baby shower that had an “Anthropologie and Shabby Chic” theme. I had so much fun putting together all the little details and knick-knacks. My mother collects pre-war lace and she was gracious enough to let me borrow a few pieces!
Instead of one or two main desserts, the guests we served several nibbles that were of the sweet & salty nature such as roasted cashew brittle with vanilla salt and mini apple pies served with caramel sauce. Chocolate almonds and covered gummie bears were a favorite treat of the mom to be, so of course they made it on the table ;).
Baby’s Breath and Billy Balls were used along with Old Fashioned Roses... perfectly delicate and simple. The hostesses did a wonderful job decorating the party using antique china, lace table cloths, and handmade flowers. Everyone did a wonderful job. Thank you ladies, it was beautiful!



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    Beautiful I love it!

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