Party Recap

Anna's Ice Cream Parlor opened for business for Anna's 10th birthday!

The girls enjoyed creating their own sundaes and making some ice cream charm bracelets and necklaces!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Ice Cream!

  • Party Favors

    The girls stayed sweet with packaged candy bars to take home.

  • Activities / Games

    10yr old girls don't need a lot of pre-organized games. We played music at full volume and had the following activities: 1. Coloring-in Tablecloth : I had printed a large scale black and white 'tablecloth' that the girls could color in whilst eating their sundaes. 2. Mystery Ingredient : After they made their sundae’s I gave a scratch-it card that I had created to each girl – only one of the cards had “YOU WIN Congratulations” and the rest had “SORRY Try Again”. Whoever scratched off the winning card had to include my mystery ingredient in her ice cream sundae. The mystery ingredient was a candy eyeball – suitably gross enough for 10yr olds (but easily removed if they didn’t want to eat it). We did three rounds of this game and the girls loved it! 3. Ice Cream Charm Bracelets/Necklaces : I pre-printed off some Ice Cream cones charms on Shrinky Dink paper. The girls colored in the shrinky dinks ice cream charms and I shrunk them in the oven – I cannot believe how much they LOVED watching these shrink! I then hooked a little silver loop through the hole and the girls threaded them on their necklace or bracelet to create their own ice cream jewellery. 4. Make Some Ice Cream : I found a few recipes online for how to make ice cream at home with just milk, ice, rock salt, sugar & vanilla. I prepackaged some rock salt and sugar and had ziploc bags ready to go. The girls filled up the inner ziploc bags with some milk, the sugar and vanilla (optional), and placed it in the larger ziploc bag together with some ice and the salt and then shake like mad. They had lots of fun throwing/shaking/smashing this around until the mixture inside resembled ice cream (it took about 10 minutes).

  • What People Ate

    Ice Cream! We kept it simple with only 3 flavors of ice cream - Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry, but there was a huge variety of toppings/mix-ins to add to the ice cream: Wafers, M&M’s, White Toblerone pieces, Crumble topping, crushed pretzels, candies, candy bananas, coconut, sprinkles, honeycomb, milo, crushed meringue, oreo pieces,marshmallows, whipped cream and of course sauces – passionfruit, caramel, chocolate and strawberry! I also had some sausage rolls for afterwards.

  • What People Drank


  • Funniest Moment

    Watching the girls laughing on seeing the mystery ingredient in the 'winner's' sundae


Party Helpers

  • simonemadeit


    All of the printables (invitations, tags, food labels, favor tags etc) were from my Ice Cream party collection.

    This collection is available for instant download from my website!http://www.simonemadeit.com/
    [email protected]


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