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Among Us Videogame Birthday Party

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Party Recap

Since Covid has put a serious damper on kids getting together in person like they use to, it gave rise to a new video game for them to play together… virtually. Among Us! My son loves playing with his friends and even us parents too sometimes. So for his birthday this year, we just had to do an Among Us themed party with cute little colorful spacemen details.

I know there is a lot of black in the video game, but I decided to focus on the bright rainbow of colors. Plus, I added some shiny futuristic looking silver to the mix. Furthermore, I thought it would be fun to play ‘Wink Murder’ (aka ‘Mafia’) which is basically the in-person version of this game. To do that, I created custom badges, cards and even t-shirts for the kids to wear that matched their username on the online game.

In the end, everyone had a lot of fun and the party was definitely not sus, bruh.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Among us cookies, rainbow color candy, rock candy (asteroids), pizza, snacks

  • What People Drank

    Juice & water

  • Desserts

    Among us cookies & cake

  • Party Favors

    Custom T-Shirts with their favorite color & player handle, Custom hats (photo props), a badge with the party designs that we used for the real life game. The among us characters they made from clay and perler beads.

  • Activities / Games

    They played among us in real life, using special cards I made for them. 2 people got the imposter cards, and the kids had figure out who they were. The imposters would go around and secretly wink at the other kids until they figured out who was the imposter. They also played with perler beads and made among us characters out of clay.


Party Helpers

  • Party Printables


    I created the designs for the party, you can order them here:

  • Vitalic Photo


    I photographed the details and kids at the party -

  • Publix

    Cake designer

  • Cookies


    My mom, mother-in-law and I made the cookies using a cake cutter we found on Etsy


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