Party Recap

Amber is determined that her new baby boy will not be dressed only in pale blue - she wants a brightly coloured nursery & brightly coloured clothes so it was only right that I did her baby shower in the brightest colours possible! We had a jungle theme running through the day but the colours were the most important.
I had all the ladies bring a snack and a few helped with the cake, flowers and balloons - this helped with sharing the costs. I did all the decor myself and I'm so pleased with the turn out. I do so much research so ideas come from all over - I try to make them my own but I did get the 'About to Pop' popcorn box idea from www.scissorsandspatulas.com.
I made the pinwheels with origami paper and the bunting with card. The heart shaped bunting on the table cloth is made from foam pads. I designed a pinstripe that I used throughout the decor, pinstripe kit kats, water bottles, popcorn box and loads more. I filled plastic shot glasses with colourful smarties and jelly beans which were the perfect hand-around after lunch and before we hit the sweets table.
I made the cardboard building blocks with card and foam pads - they were perfect takeaway boxes for the cupcakes.
I had each of the girls decorate their own 'onesie' which we hung along a line in front of the window - what a fabulous idea this was - everyone put so much effort into their pieces and the effect was great!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    mom-to be in her 'Does My Bump look Big in This' t shirt

  • Desserts

    awesome rainbow layered cake, jungle themed cupcakes, sweets

  • Activities / Games

    The measure-your-belly game where you each guess the length of string that fits the mom-to-be's belly.

  • Budget

    I asked each of the ladies to bring a snack. Some helped with the cake, flowers and balloons so I didn't spend too much - less than £100

  • Party Favors

    handmade wire beaded sugar/jam spoons

  • Best Moment

    When we cut the plain white cake and revealed the rainbow layers

  • What People Ate

    Savoury snacks including sausage rolls, dips, fruit skewers, sweet potato salad, philly chilli,

  • What People Drank

    non-alcoholic fruit punch and lots of tea and coffee

  • Most Touching Moment

    Mom-to-be was sent a jumper that her granny made for her little brother when he was born. She had no idea her mother had kept it so it was such a special surprize. Really a beautiful moment.


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  • Janice H

    Janice H wrote:

    What brilliant ideas. Well done.