Party Recap

We did two parties in one day - the first for my daughter's school friends and the second for our friends and family. It was a busy, but fun day!

Party one started off with decorating hats. Hats were made by my mom and the kids decorated them with felt flowers, cards, buttons, feathers, etc. After the party the group was split into two. One group played flamingo croquet while the other planted flowers in tea cups. We all came back together for the tea party where we used our Cheshire cat straws and ate snacked on small tea sandwiches.

We finished the party off with a pinata, some cupcakes and presents - Alice had a great time!

Much of the decor is handmade with my daughter - I'll be sharing the process over on my blog http://on-a-whimm.blogspot.com/



  • Kari L

    Kari L wrote:

    Wonderful ideas and decorations. Wanted to know how you made the playing card wickets for croquet?

  • no photo

    Jessica E wrote:

    Yes, how did you make the cards for croquet?

  • Kayce Q

    Kayce Q wrote:

    The playing cards are part of a large deck of cards that I found at the dollar store. I used wires to lift them higher off the ground.

  • Claire H

    Claire H wrote:

    How did you make the tree? It looks great!!

  • Kayce Q

    Kayce Q wrote:

    Tree is made from twisted tissue paper and tape. Super simple and one of my favorite details :)