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All Hallows Eve

This was a collaborative shoot between The Frosted Petticoat chocolate company and Chinet. The goal was to create an elegant (yet spooky) adult themed Halloween party, using both The Frosted Petticoat chocolates and Chinet’s party supplies. This could also serve as fantastic decor inspiration for a Halloween wedding! Styled by the head sugar designer, Sam, at The Frosted Petticoat, the results were spectacular! The party features three distinct displays: A candy table, a pastry/dessert bookcase, and a drink bar. Most treats are presented on Chinet plates or using Chinet’s plastic cups. Here are the special features of each display…

Candy Table
The candy table welcomes the guests with an array of adult-themed treats to please the senses: Almond coconut truffle bombs, champagne flavored body part gummies, twisted black licorice, candy corn pops, vanilla marshmallow poltergeists, and dark chocolate wafers. In addition, The Frosted Petticoat’s specialty chocolates add a gourmet aspect to the table with a large cookies & cream black chocolate skull and a set of hand painted Day of the Dead bride and groom edible toppers. Lastly, guests can wet their whistle with a gulp of “Poison” (sparkling mineral water). The “All Hallows Eve” sign was created using only a Silhouette machine and Chinet’s paper plates (a great example of how repurposing inexpensive paper goods can easily glam up any party).

Dessert Bookcase
The dessert bookcase is the centerpiece of the party. Sitting court atop the sweets is a coconut cake with a lavender flavored white chocolate skull topper by The Frosted Petticoat. Also on the top shelf sits a yummy selection of spicey pumpkin cupcakes with khalua cream cheese frosting, along with The Frosted Petticoat’s famous amaretto flavored white chocolate sugar skull lollipops. The second shelf boasts a gaggle of treats: The Frosted Petticoat’s coffee flavored white chocolate sugar skulls, black & white cookies adorned with The Frosted Petticoat’s mayan chili flavored dark chocolate skeleton cameos, and dark chocolate cannolis. The bottom shelf finishes off the sweet array with raspberry & mint petit-fours, chocolate cream cookies, and The Frosted Petticoat’s Irish Cream flavored white chocolate skeleton bones.

Drink Bar
What adult party is complete without a fabulous bar?! Utilizing Chinet’s series of plastic cups, wine glasses, and cocktail stemware we were able to put together a ghoulishly delightful drink bar for the guests to enjoy. The bar features a selection of spooky artisanal beers, Californian Pinot Noir, and an Absinthe & Lime cocktail (the night’s signature drink). Non-drinkers of the group can enjoy a decadent pumpkin spice coffee accented with snickerdoodle donut holes. And for those needing a little salt to counter all the party’s sugar, they’ll find smokehouse almonds and Italian onion bread sticks at the bar.

We had a blast putting together this shoot and thank you for your consideration! Please contact Sam at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like more information. Happy Halloween!

Specialty Chocolate & Event Design: The Frosted Petticoat (www.thefrostedpetticoat.com)
Paper Goods: Chinet (www.mychinet.com)
Craft/DIY: Silhouette Machine (www.silhouetteamerica.com )


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    By The Frosted Petticoat (www.thefrostedpetticoat.com)


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